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Montville Artisan Village Walk

Welcome to the Montville Artisan Walk

Art naturally draws you into the Hinterland with its large population of talented creatives, visual landscapes and the tangible connection to nature; there is a special feeling in the hills and villages that will inspire you to all things of texture and visual beauty on the Montville Artisan Village Walk. A little artisan fills your soul, and you will want to take a piece of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland into your home.
Discover the Montville Artisan village walk from bottom to top in the high street of this beautiful hilltop village. Be sure to look down at the pavement with its works of art inlayed into the surface and delight in the European village feel of the architecture and large water wheel. If you are a lover of a local market on the second Saturday of the month at the village hall, or like searching for hand-crafted items, clothing and antiques. Individual homewares or a unique art piece, you will be sure to find just what you are looking for as you stroll the village green and pathways.

Montville Artisan Walk Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The bubbles happily cascading over the street will set the mood and get your energy flowing from Crystal Multiverse with the over 3m high Koala and a giant dinosaur on the pavement to greet you.
Discover the hidden world of crystallized minerals, crystals and fossils that dwell in another world of the multiverse.

Montville Art Gallery

The Montville Art Gallery, located in a delightful 1890’s Queenslander at 138 Main Street, Montville, will catch your eye from the display window to the beautifully maintained gardens filled with hanging pot plants in bloom. There are over 40 artists on permanent display as you wander each room, showcasing world-class original art from some of the Sunshine Coast region’s best artists. You will find a different featured artist each month on the Montville Artisan Walk.

Montville Woods Gallery

If a whitling workshop resonates with you, as you walk through the doors of Montville Woods Gallery, you will be in your element with the smell of Camphor Laurel, Eucalypt Burl and Huon Pine. A hand-crafters delight with regular workshop days so you can learn from this experienced team.

Montville artisan walk

Wander down the street if you can make it past Fudgyboombahs or a divine coffee from Little May Espresso Take in all the delights from shop to shop and discover the black lanes, Chapel Lane and Russell Park. Go the the lookout near the school and the walking bridge over the road just behind the village green hall. Our tip is turn left into the large car park as soon as you reach Montville just before the Information Centre.

Ben Messina Landscapes

Next, the landscape images of the Ben Messina Landscapes will fill your view; Ben’s collection of panoramic images have heart, emotion and fantastic depth that will reach out to you.
The large photography scenes wrap around the shopfront, calling you in.
Ben’s work is all about the art and adventure of landscape photography; you will see some iconic Hinterland locations from the Glasshouse Mountains and the scenic Jacaranda Lane.

The Opal Cutter

The Opal Cutter is well worth seeking out on your Montville Artisan Walk for its quality vivid opals and settings. You will spend quite some time gazing at these individual works of art in their own right.

The Montrose Water Wheel is a much photographed location in Montville as you follow the western side of the Main St Walk.

Montville Artisan Village

Laurisha Jewellery – Bespoke Jeweller

Welcome to Laurisha Jewellery, the blue gem of the hinterland and bespoke jeweller of the Sunshine Coast. For when you need something unique just for you.

Clock Shop Montville

Perhaps the most iconic building in all of Montville, the Clock Shop is like stepping into the black forest, especially on a misty Montville day, when the mist hugs the Blackall range.
You will discover a German chalet-inspired, quaint stone and shingle building that houses the Clock Shop. Once you cross the bridge and step inside, your senses are overwhelmed with the rich smell of timber and the sound of hundreds of modern and traditional ticking clocks adorning the interior timber walls. Beautiful chimes and melodies are going off from various cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks, the dizzying array of charming woodcutters, farmers and birds appearing to dance and sing around you. Add traditional German items, various beer steins, Christmas items, music boxes, and many brands of watches whilst German music plays in the background. An experience that is just like stepping into another world.

The Artisan Walk of Montville Sunshine Coast
Montville Artisan Walk

You might like a little something for the taste buds? Monty’s of Montville is a favourite for gelato and milkshake lovers, as well as the sweet intoxicating smell of handmade candy creations. Watch as they mould and stretch sugar into delicious morsels to take home with you. We recommend looking at Bailey Loves Interiors on the next level down for inspiration from beautiful homewares.

Illume Creations Montville

Illume Creations brings a kaleidoscope of colour to the top end of town in Montville Village. As you walk into the Mayfield Centre with views of the coastline and Mount Coolum, the glass creations will catch your eye.
Tribal Tribute pieces inspired by the indigenous people’s relationship to the Earth Mother in intense sunset and rich ocean colours, a collaboration between Tina Cooper and her hot glass team, Murray’s indigenous brushwork and the beadwork of Gary Lisle. The Tribal Goddess Vessels. Tina Sealife series is the Barrier Reef come to life before your eyes. It is a world of colour, from glass art to jewellery and hand-painted silks.

You are guaranteed to leave with your senses flowing with inspiration and a love of this little village nestled on the Blackall Ranges of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Gallery Kari

Just down the hill, under the bridge by the school and down the Hunchy to Palmwoods is another artistic adventure close by, not technically on the walk but Kari is a much loved part of our community that is too close by to miss!

Gallery Kari is a gallery of wedding gifts, funeral urns, tea ware, and other beautiful porcelain and ceramics. Also large sculptures and multimedia installations. Just down the hill at Palmwoods not technically on the walk but a much loved part of our community.

Gallery Kari Sunshine Coast Hinterland

As a kid Kari played with terracotta clay in her Dad’s studio. It wasn’t fired to suit her three year old sense of aesthetics! So she became a performer instead! However she always “made stuff” with her hands, from fabric, from timber, with beads and silver, multimedia and whatever materials came her way. Re-visiting ceramics and visual art as an adult, she graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at Sunshine Coast TAFE.

Kari’s artworks have won various awards and been exhibited in Australia, Europe and Japan. Her installations have appeared in dance concerts, sculpture events, environmental festivals and in galleries.

Gallery Kari Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Something Extra for your Dine and Stay Experience

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Altitude on Montville

Montville Mountain Inn

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