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Hinterland Tourism Sunshine Coast (HTSC) is an Incorporated Association of like minded people engaged in both tourism and business.

HTSC members recognise that by combining the promotional resources of many small businesses, significant benefits can be realised far beyond the capacity of a single business on its own.

HTSC seeks to promote the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as a premier tourist destination to areas outside of the hinterland itself and in particular to its primary market of Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Membership is drawn from the Glass House Mountains to the south, west of the Bruce Highway and out to Kenilworth and includes Nambour and Mapleton to the north.

HTSC seeks to protect and preserve the iconic beauty of the hinterland. It takes a close interest in both local and state government matters to encourage appropriate investment and promotion of the area. It seeks to resist those actions that may threaten its unique qualities.

HTSC works to develop strong working relationships with Chambers of Commerce, local business groups, regional and state tourism organisations and the Sunshine Coast Council.

HTSC has an executive, drawn from members, who may nominate and are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting held in September.

What role does HTSC play?

HTSC has limited financial resources and thus cannot be “all things to all people”. Yet it punches above its weight by identifying and delivering a carefully selected number of projects each year that will continue to be effective and relevant beyond the initial inception.

Examples of this include the popular sub regional maps, the individual walks maps, the web site and wedding guide. Just these four items alone provide sufficient return to more than justify the annual membership fee.

The organisation of promotions continues to be a major activity for HTSC with a number of successful television and radio campaigns to its credit.

HTSC has worked hard to be recognised as a sub region in its own right. Through the sub regional Panel it now takes its place at the regional table with an equal voice to the three other coast based sub regions.

HTSC has been a strong supporter of the regional tourism organisation Visit Sunshine Coast.

HTSC believes that the concept of regional and sub regional focus through a single organisation is the correct way forward. As such a close working relationship is being fostered with Visit Sunshine Coast

HTSC has been very successful in securing additional funding to support planned activities such as promotions, publications and overall market development.

HTSC continues to support and works in close co-operation with the information centres within the sub region and plays an active role in the direction of information centres throughout the region.

HTSC Strategy

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