Uniqueness Designer Jeweller

For 25 tremendous years now, I have been hand making jewellery for clients with a deeper connection. Creating quality pieces to commemorate special occasions, memories & milestones.

Uniqueness Designer Jeweller
Uniqueness Designer Jeweller

I bring their story, energy & emotion into their very own sculpture to hold, admire & enjoy. 

The Journey one takes in creating a piece of custom jewellery is the beauty of my work- it’s this connection that also involves a lot of trust.

Starting with a simple conversation & a hand drawn sketch, then making a small sculpture, to then opening a little box & seeing a loved one’s eyes light up, as they see it for the first time. Just brings so much joy!

I feel very blessed to be part of so many life moments that I have created a treasured symbol for. To me Jewellery is a moment frozen in time!

From beginning to end, lifelong friendships have been made with this connection, and each piece holds a place in my heart as it was truly made with love.

For this reason, I decided it was time to start my own business & continue creating unique ideas & designs which have given me a style that is now recognised as an “Original Ness”

 I help cure the curiosity of how to achieve your forever after creation. It gives me great honour to help you find your Uniqueness!