Montvale at Montville

92 Main Street, Montville

A picturesque countryside venue, overlooking the water and the lush surrounds of the Montvale Estate.

The entrance to the Montvale Estate is on Montville's main street, very close to the town centre and just behind Altitude on Montville.

The GlassHouse at Montvale
Montvale on Montville | Visit Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Wedding at Montvale

The Estate itself is hidden away, in lush countryside amid a stunning array of flora and a chorus of fauna. Magnolias dot the hills with stunning pink flowers, silver birch flash their foliage in the breeze, and the scent of pine trees lingers on the air.

This venue is perfect for wedding ceremonies and outdoor receptions, with plenty of picturesque spaces for each stage of your wedding. From vows, to photos, to the after-party, everything you need is one place - there is even luxury accommodation available right next door.

Montvale is situated in the main street of Montville, on the fringe of the town centre. Tucked away secretly behind Altitude on Montville, and walking distance to Montville’s restaurants, coffee shops, and accommodation. Montvale is open for viewings by appointment on any day of the week. Car parking is available within the property entrance.

The venue is a blank canvas of established trees, shrubs and under plantings providing luxurious spaces for intimate wedding ceremonies. A pavilion sits in an amphitheatre of lush greenery and water. There are some open lawn spaces for marquees or tents to create relaxed dining or entertainment experiences. The living environment is serene and peaceful.