Lisa Hoffler Celebrancy

Once upon a time in a land that was excessively sunny, there was a beautiful soul who recognised another, creating a profound connection of intimacy. They had found their soul mate.

Lisa Hoffler Celebrancy

One day this bonded couple decided they should declare to all their favourite loved ones that theirs was a love story like no other.

The “Big Day” is a story of LOVE – each story Unique, each one is a story specifically about the couple.  It is an epic moment in time, an event planned for over a long time, an event that requires a storyteller like no other, one with the ability to tell your story the way you desire it.

As a Celebrant with a life rich in experience, I offer creativity, fun, passion, empathy, caring nature and the desire to share your day and make it Magical!

At this stage of my life… I have chosen to become a Celebrant.  I am an artist, a wife, a mother, a photographer, a nurse, a writer, a nature lover, an animal lover, 22 years defence experience and a storyteller – desiring the chance to tell your story to all your loved ones.

Yours is a Unique Story about YOU!

I believe in Love, Romance and Magic!

  • Located in the Hinterland
  • Can travel all Sunshine Coast
  • Skilled at public speaking
  • Great in emergencies
  • Fun
  • Storyteller
  • Animal lover
  • Open minded.