Fuse Pyrotechnics

Fuse Pyrotechnics is a family-owned and operated pyrotechnics and effects company based in QLD and operating nationally.

The company is directed by brother’s Mark and Michael Della Sabina.

Fuse Pyrotechnics
Fuse Pyrotechnics
Fuse Pyrotechnics

With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, both within Australia and overseas, Fuse Pyrotechnics is the proud result of Mark and Michael’s genuine passion for creating truly spectacular productions using fireworks, flames and special effects.

At Fuse Pyrotechnics, ‘truly spectacular’ means more than using cheap effects in conventional ways. Truly spectacular productions require unique effects combined with precise timing, creative arrangement and artistic flare. Fulfilling each of these criteria requires attention to detail, time and effort. It involves an investment in quality products and the latest technology. This is why Fuse Pyrotechnics is truly different. We are young and energetic. We have the genuine passion and excitement for producing awe-inspiring productions. We invest the time, energy and resources to ensure our work is not just good, but incredible.


  • Fireworks, Outdoor and Indoor
  • Flames
  • Confetti & Streamers
  • Fog & Smoke
  • C02
  • Lasers


  • Weddings
  • Corporate/ Product Launches
  • Film/ TV/ Theatre
  • Community/ Sporting events
  • Concerts/ Festival
  • Stage pyrotechnics