First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

We believe furbabies are true members of the family and they deserve to be part of every wedding day. Our team of vets, vet nurses, dog behaviourists and animal handlers provide a highly personalised and reliable service.

First Class Pet Wedding Assistants
First Class Pet Wedding Assistants
First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

Check out our packages available to you and your furbaby!

Whether canine, feline, equine, bunnies or two legged friends, we have the package to suit you to include your furbaby in your big day!

All of our packages include

  • Complimentary meet and greet in your home with your Pet Wedding Assistant
  • Transport pets to and from your wedding, wedding rehearsal and photoshoot locations
  • Brush and dress your pet in your preferred wedding attire
  • We can supply bowties, flower crowns, message plaques and various other cute items
  • Coordinate with photographers to get those purr-fect shots at the ceremony, various photoshoot locations and reception
  • Coordinate with celebrants in order to achieve a paw-some ceremony
  • Supervise and care for your pet throughout the event
  • Provide walks, treats, feeding, watering and regular potty breaks!
  • Take photos/videos from your “fur”-baby’s point of view and provide these FREE OF CHARGE
  • Ensure your “fur”-baby has settled in nicely at home with fresh water, food, plenty of love, affection and tucked into bed for a lovely good night sleep
  • Honeymoon day and night care, walking and feeding options are available.